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Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill – Henry Schein Bulk Fill, Bulkfill & Dental Supplies

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill, the newest material in the popular Tetric Evo line of composites, is a high performance posterior flowable composite that is the perfect complement to the Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill sculptable posterior composite, or any resin composite designed to be used as a final occlusal layer.

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of Bulk Fill, Bulkfill and Dental Supplies at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

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61% of Dentists are Marketing Experts!

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category Marketing


According to a recent Dentaltown poll, 61% of dentists plan all the marketing for their practice themselves, 29% use Angie’s List or a third party, and the remaining 10% delegate this task to the office manager. I had no idea so many dentists specialized in marketing in their free time!  Are you also cutting your own hair? Just kidding… I’m sure these dentists have taken marketing courses, exchange ideas with peers, and track and measure the success of each marketing campaign. When evaluating those marketing results, don’t forget to account for the cost of your time. You’re the highest paid employee in your practice – your time is valuable.

For those who may be considering this DIY path…. let’s take a quick look at the critical role marketing plays in the success of your business. Your practice needs new patients, 10-15% more at the very least to compensate for the current rate of patient attrition. To meet your growth goal for the year, you will likely want to exceed this new patient minimum.

If we agree new patients are important, shouldn’t you consider using a new patient specialist (a marketing professional) to attract them?  According to the annual practice research report from Dental Economics and the Levin Group, practices that retain even a part-time marketing coordinator had significantly higher practice revenue. An investment in professional marketing has a substantial return for the practice. If you’ve been managing your marketing yourself, or delegating to a team member who has not had marketing training, consider asking a professional to review your current campaigns. Our partners at Dental Branding and Jameson offer a free consultation to discuss how marketing can help you achieve your individual practice goals. To read more about marketing a dental practice, visit the Marketing page on www.HenryScheinBusinessSolutions.com

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Solo Single Patient Use Sterile Diamond Burs

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Solo pre-sterile single-patient use diamond burs offer an excellent value, satisfy patient safety concerns, and enhance tooth preparation productivity. Watch this video and learn more!

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of Dental Supplies, Diamond Burs and Dental Burs at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

To create beautiful smiles simply restore with Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative and then polish with the Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System. The Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System gives you one unique, flexible shape that adapts to all tooth surfaces, excellent performance, and cost-effective spirals that can be sterilized and reused multiple times.

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of dental supplies, dental materials and polishing systems at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

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Product Video: RAMVAC Badger LF

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

The Badger LF is a lube-free dry vacuum system designed to meet the needs of smaller offices. Badger LF is reliable, powerful, efficient and very easy to use and maintain.

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of dental supplies, dental materials and vacuum systems at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

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The Secret to Confirming More Appointments

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category Marketing


As a dental office, you know that confirming appointments with your patients is a must. If you don’t set up appointments, or hear back from customers with confirmations, you not only lose control of your daily schedule, you also could lose important revenue.

What is your current process for confirming appointments? How many times do you reach out to customers and patients after they’ve booked, and how do you communicate with them when you do?

Some secrets to increasing your all-important appointment confirmation ratio:

Set an advance reminder to send out 14 days before a scheduled appointment

Sometimes people just forget their appointments, so sending out an appointment reminder allows them to make a mental note and add it to their calendar (or check to make sure it’s still on their calendar!)

Ask your patients whether they prefer email or text communication, and walk them through how to respond

This is important because in an increasingly digital world, many people are on their phones more than at their desks. Sometimes people prefer text, other times they’d rather get an email reminder.

Stagger your appointment confirmations

This is important because you want to create a touch-point for your customers or patients across communication methods. Our Customer Success team recommends emailing 3 days prior to the appointment, texting 2 days, and leaving a voice message 1-day prior. This of course is only if you still haven’t received a confirmation of that appointment from your patient.

If you’re worried about setting this all up yourself, Demandforce can help! Their system provides a simple way to automate your appointment reminders and encourage more confirmations. You can track who has confirmed, who has yet to respond – and even set up a staggered reminder schedule.

If you’re a current Demandforce customer and you want a refresher, you can contact your Customer Care Manager and take a helpful walkthrough. Or contact Demandforce at (866) 507-7016 or www.demandforce.com, and they’ll show you a demo of the software!

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Product Video: Maxcem Elite Chroma

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Maxcem Elite Chroma is the first self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement offering a Color Cleanup Indicator, making it the smartest cement available on the market today. The cement has a pink color that fades at the gel state, showing you the optimal time to cleanup excess cement. It forms a strong and durable bond with a wide variety of dental substrates, and is compatible with all indirect restorations.

Maxcem Elite Chroma gives you best in class adhesion when compared to other leading self-adhesive cements. And it also offers One-Peel™ cleanup, a convenient automix delivery system, and easy no-refrigeration storage. Maxcem Elite Chroma. Change your cement, change your outcomes.

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of dental supplies, dental materials and dental material at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

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Product Video: G-Premio BOND

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

If you’re looking for a truly universal one component light-cured adhesive that can be used with all bonding techniques, applies more quickly, gives you up to five minutes in which to work, provides precise drop-by-drop dispensing and results in a very strong bond, G-Premio BOND adhesive from GC America is an excellent choice for you.

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of dental supplies, dental materials and bonding adhesives at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

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Product Video: Admira Fusion

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Henry Schein & VOCO are excited to introduce Admira Fusion. As the world’s first purely ceramic-based direct universal restorative material, Admira Fusion creates a new material class in dentistry. Watch this video and learn all about this exciting new restorative material.

Learn more about Henry Schein’s vast selection of dental supplies, dental materials and dental material at: https://www.henryschein.com/dental-supplies.aspx

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Should you allow the dental team to text in the office?

Posted on by HS We Do That | Category HR, Team Harmony


Does it seem like your employees are constantly texting and/or checking at their phones? Is patient care and service being negatively impacted? Do you longingly remember the days before smartphones?

The bad new is: it’s never going to be 1993 again. The good news is: there are some things you can do to help ensure your practice is not adversely affected.

Successfully navigating smartphone use in your practice will typically take some flexibility and understanding on both sides. While it can be tempting to install cell phone jammers or lock all personal phones in a cage, the best solution is a mixture of understanding and clear boundaries.

Start by thinking about your “absolutes”. One might be an employee texting in front of a patient, which should absolutely never happen. Another reasonable boundary might be when patients are present in the clinical area or the front office, no employee should ever be using their phone. You could also clarify expectations about the phone vibrating on a countertop, or a chirping phone in an assistant’s pocket.

Next, think about areas where you can be flexible. For example, employees checking to ensure that kids made it to school safely or checking or responding at certain acceptable times during the day.

Spend some time thinking about your boundaries. Draft your expectations in a clear policy and remember, the stricter the policy, the harder it is to enforce. Enforce your boundaries consistently and fairly with all employees. If discipline becomes necessary, as with any liability-producing HR event, please contact the HR professionals at Bent Ericksen & Associates or a labor compliance professional prior to taking action.

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