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One Dental Team, One Voice

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category HR, Team Harmony

Recently I was speaking to a dentist whose hygienist had challenged his diagnosis of a patient behind his back to another team member. The dentist was angry and hurt to discover his team was questioning the way he practiced dentistry. … Continue reading

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Hiring, Firing and Everything in Between

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category HR

Did you know that in the average dental office, a staff member turns over every 8 months? At a cost of up to 2 months in salary to replace an employee, this expense is significant as well as emotionally draining for the office. … Continue reading

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Lacrosse, Mouthguards, and Concussions – Which one of these does not belong?

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category Safety

I spent most of last weekend watching my son, Cole, play in a lacrosse tournament at Notre Dame.  As I watched the 15 year-olds crash, fall, smack and bump into each other, I was reminded of a recent report I … Continue reading

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