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Maxcem Elite Chroma

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Maxcem Elite Chroma is the first self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement offering a Color Cleanup Indicator, making it the smartest cement available on the market today. The cement has a pink color that fades at the gel state, showing you the optimal … Continue reading

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G-Premio BOND

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

If you’re looking for a truly universal one component light-cured adhesive that can be used with all bonding techniques, applies more quickly, gives you up to five minutes in which to work, provides precise drop-by-drop dispensing and results in a … Continue reading

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Admira Fusion

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Henry Schein & VOCO are excited to introduce Admira Fusion. As the world’s first purely ceramic-based direct universal restorative material, Admira Fusion creates a new material class in dentistry. Watch this video and learn all about this exciting new restorative material. … Continue reading

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Should you allow the dental team to text in the office?

Posted on by HS We Do That | Category HR, Team Harmony

Does it seem like your employees are constantly texting and/or checking at their phones? Is patient care and service being negatively impacted? Do you longingly remember the days before smartphones? The bad new is: it’s never going to be 1993 … Continue reading

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One Clause in Your Dental Office Lease Can Put You Out of Business

Posted on by HS We Do That | Category Practice Management

By Jeremy Behar, President and CEO, Cirrus Consulting Group Imagine arriving at your dental practice to find a notice from your landlord stating that the building will be undergoing redevelopment, your office lease is being terminated, and you have 30 … Continue reading

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