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Estelite Sigma Quick – A Spherical Revolution

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Estelite Sigma Quick allows you to restore a variety of clinical restorations, by reducing the amount of inventory in your composite closet. Estelite Sigma Quick contains spherical fillers (200 nanometers average particle size), that diffuse light providing a more forgiving … Continue reading

Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative

Posted on by Will Neville | Category Product Videos

Watch this video and learn about the technology behind this innovative bulk fill material by 3M ESPE. Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative can be filled in ONE increment up to 5mm deep, maintains its polish, and offers high strength and … Continue reading

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3 Definitions of Oral Health: Which one is right for your practice?

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category Recare, Total Health

The FDI Dental World Federation recently published a new definition of oral health that was quickly adopted by more than 200 dental organizations, including the American Dental Association. According to Dr. Michael Glick and other ADA representatives, “A common definition … Continue reading

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