3 Reasons to Retire Your Manual Toothbrush Today

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If you visit the dentist regularly, you probably have a few extra toothbrushes under your bathroom sink, just waiting for your current bristles to fray, a case of the flu (always change brushes after you’ve been sick!), or for a guest who forgot to pack theirs. It’s time to throw them all away, except maybe one for that forgetful guest, and upgrade to a power brush.

1. Studies show power brushes are 60-65% more effective at plaque removal than manual brushes! Get teeth cleaner, faster and possibly healthier with a power brush. New research indicates power brushes are better at warding off gum disease than manual brushing.

2. Most of us aren’t using proper brushing technique. Compensate for less than perfect technique by letting a power brush do most of the work for you. This makes it ideal for children, older adults, and anyone who suffers from limited mobility or other brushing challenges. Kids with braces often have difficulties cleaning thoroughly around brackets; power brushes can help them remove more trapped debris.

3. Power brushes encourage longer brushing. Ideal brushing time is 2 minutes per session, but most of us brush for far less than that. Timers, beeps, and buzzes from power brushes give us feedback on how long we’ve been brushing. These reminders to keep the brush moving around the mouth and to continue brushing can help us reach the 2-minute mark more often.

Talk to your dental team for their personal power brush recommendation for you.

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