61% of Dentists are Marketing Experts!

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According to a recent Dentaltown poll, 61% of dentists plan all the marketing for their practice themselves, 29% use Angie’s List or a third party, and the remaining 10% delegate this task to the office manager. I had no idea so many dentists specialized in marketing in their free time!  Are you also cutting your own hair? Just kidding… I’m sure these dentists have taken marketing courses, exchange ideas with peers, and track and measure the success of each marketing campaign. When evaluating those marketing results, don’t forget to account for the cost of your time. You’re the highest paid employee in your practice – your time is valuable.

For those who may be considering this DIY path…. let’s take a quick look at the critical role marketing plays in the success of your business. Your practice needs new patients, 10-15% more at the very least to compensate for the current rate of patient attrition. To meet your growth goal for the year, you will likely want to exceed this new patient minimum.

If we agree new patients are important, shouldn’t you consider using a new patient specialist (a marketing professional) to attract them?  According to the annual practice research report from Dental Economics and the Levin Group, practices that retain even a part-time marketing coordinator had significantly higher practice revenue. An investment in professional marketing has a substantial return for the practice. If you’ve been managing your marketing yourself, or delegating to a team member who has not had marketing training, consider asking a professional to review your current campaigns. Our partners at Dental Branding and Jameson offer a free consultation to discuss how marketing can help you achieve your individual practice goals. To read more about marketing a dental practice, visit the Marketing page on www.HenryScheinBusinessSolutions.com

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