8 Questions Every Patient Should Answer Correctly

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books-927394_640In a recent report from the ADA Health Policy Institute, half of surveyed adults could not answer eight basic oral health questions. Would your patients be able to answer these correctly? Although patients have a number of places they can, and do, go for oral health information, you are their experts. Your regular interactions with patients are opportunities to assess their knowledge and fill in the gaps as needed. According to this ADA report – there are still lots of gaps to be filled.

Here are the questions used to measure oral health knowledge:

1.  Some medical conditions like diabetes affect the health of your mouth. TRUE

2. People who smoke are more likely to have cancer in their mouth. TRUE

3. Children do not need to see a dentist until they start school. FALSE

4. Because they do not stay in your child’s mouth very long, baby teeth are not that important. FALSE

5. Some medicines can affect the health of your mouth. TRUE

6. Blood on your toothbrush is a sign of gum disease. TRUE

7. If I am not having any pain in my mouth, then my mouth is disease free. FALSE

8. Sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay. TRUE

To ensure none of your patients fail this basic oral health quiz, offer take home resources that reinforce your in-office education, such as the Total Health patient brochure. For bonus points, and to drive new patients to your practice, consider ways that you can improve the collective oral health knowledge of your community. Request a marketing presentation from Henry Schein for community outreach and other marketing ideas.


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