Choose Your Own Dental Adventure

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What path will you choose for the future of your dental practice? Are you considering adding a second practice location? Altering your marketing campaign? Adding an associate? How would you like to learn best practices related to those paths and then be able to test your decisions to evaluate the impact on your business? The Dental Business Institute simulation program was created to allow you to do just that. Simulations are one of the most effective ways to learn new skills. After a lecture or topic discussion, you can immediately apply your new knowledge to simulation scenarios. Learning thru simulation incorporates all other learning methods: lecture, reading, audiovisual, demonstration, Simulation_Title Screendiscussion group, and practice. This multi-factor approach ensures that you effectively absorb the knowledge, can apply it in the real world, and retain it.

Business simulations give dentists the opportunity to learn something new, try it out, see the results of the new skill, and apply it to their day-to-day life.  To learn more about the changing field of dentistry and how simulation can ensure your practice thrives, visit

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