DDS Meets MD: A Love Story

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Doctor and DentistWould you like to generate more referrals from the medical professionals in your community? Building this network can take time, but there are a few relatively simple things you can do to start connecting with area physicians.

1. Provide physicians with the information they need regarding their own patients. Although many physicians are aware of the growing research connecting oral disease to systemic illnesses, the best way to draw their attention to these connections (and the importance of regular dental visits) is by addressing the health needs of individual patients. When one of your patients presents with severe periodontal disease in addition to other risk factors for diabetes, write a letter to the patient’s physician (with the permission of the patient) alerting him/her to the presence of periodontal disease, and reminding the physician of the increased risk of diabetes and difficulty with glycemic control associated with this disease.Writing letters about patients ensures your information makes it to the desk of the doctor. While you may not get an immediate response, you are establishing yourself as a knowledgeable health advocate for your patients in the mind of the physician.

2. Provide physicians with the resources they need to discuss oral health with their patients. Physicians may be aware of the prevalence of caries and periodontal disease, but with only minimal oral health training, and ever shrinking appointment times, rarely are physicians able to address oral health with patients. Sharing oral health facts and simple caries and perio screening questionnaires makes it easier for physicians to incorporate oral health discussions in patient visits, when appropriate. Customizing those resources with your practice information allows those patients to contact you directly for more information.

Help physicians help you by providing them with the information and resources they need to start oral health discussions.  Sample physician letters and custom screening pads are included in SelfScreen.Net. More information about this service, and other Total Health products is available here or from your Henry Schein representative.

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