The One Thing Every Dental Patient Really Wants to Hear

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Patients Hear
Are you frustrated by patients who skip or postpone recommended treatment? Are you tired of patients lying to you about flossing, while you watch their gums bleed? Have you ever wondered why your patients don’t seem to care about their oral health as much as you do? The truth is they do care; they just don’t understand the importance of what you’re saying.

Dental phobia and stress is high. Most patients don’t look forward to dental appointments. They clench their way thru the appointment as teeth are poked, prodded, and cleaned, waiting anxiously for the verdict at the end. All patients are hoping to hear you say is, “No cavities!” so they can escape your clutches until their next cleaning.

When you talk about pocket depths, bleeding gums, and inflammation… patients don’t understand you’re talking about an important component of their health. The typical patient thought process is that no cavities equals health. This makes it very difficult to motivate the patient to accept treatment for periodontal disease and other health needs.

To have more productive conversations with patients, you have to change how they view a dental visit. When your patients understand the impact oral health has on overall health, they will understand that healthy teeth and gums are a priority that may require additional visits and additional home care to maintain, even if they don’t have cavities.

Create more educated patients by:

  • Using consistent messaging on oral health from all team members
  • Relating oral health to their personal overall health, referencing their health history
  • Providing educational resources that reinforce your message

For help changing how your patients view visits to your practice, request a free Total Health Workshop for your team.

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