Estelite Sigma Quick – A Spherical Revolution

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Estelite Sigma Quick allows you to restore a variety of clinical restorations, by reducing the amount of inventory in your composite closet. Estelite Sigma Quick contains spherical fillers (200 nanometers average particle size), that diffuse light providing a more forgiving shade match throughout a range of shades.

In addition, the spherical fillers contribute to excellent initial polishability and long-term polish retention. Learn how Estelite Sigma Quick enhances your restoration time, decreases composite inventory, and provides the best alternative for your patient.

Estelite Sigma Quick was rated by Dental Advsior as “Top Composite”.
2-Year Clinical Performance by Dental Advisor
Consultant comments below:
– “After two years in service, these restorations continue to retain the esthetics achieved at placement.”
– “This material has exhibited excellent resistance to chipping and fracture in the anterior and posterior regions over the past two years.”
– “After two years of placing this material, the excellent handling, rapid cure and esthetics continue to make this my material of choice.”

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