Leadership and Human Capital

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by Tim Twigg, President, Bent Ericksen & Associates

Effective leadership starts with knowing oneself. Leading involves developing and enhancing, and thus maximizing human capital—the “people” resource component of your practice. Prioritize the following:

  1. Understand leadership principles, emotional intelligence and how to apply your style more effectively
  2. Establish a solid human resources foundation to protect your asset value and minimize risks
  3. Effectively recruit and hire to ensure the right people are on the bus and reduce the emotional and financial costs of turnover
  4. Reduce employee-related stress and manage performance through better communication, productive feedback and employee goal setting techniques
  5. Build a winning business environment and culture through a highly “engaged” team

Today, people have become the competitive edge in business. Knowing how to lead and manage your human capital gives you a leg-up on your competition. To learn more about leadership and the other topics taught at the Dental Business Institute, visit www.HenryScheinDental.com/DentalBusinessInstitute.

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