Are you missing sealant opportunities in your practice?

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How many of your patients under age 18 would benefit from caries-prevention treatment? According to a recent Delta Dental review of 97 million dental claims, two-thirds of children at elevated risk for caries are not receiving the ADA recommended preventive measures.  Half of all children experience tooth decay by age 11. By age 65, 95% of adults have had decay in their permanent teeth.  Education and preventive measures can help patients avoid a lifetime of tooth decay. Use resources like the Total Health brochure to teach parents and children about the connection between nutrition and caries. When risk-factors are present (past history of decay, diet, poor oral hygiene habits, lack of fluoride exposure, etc.) use fluoride and sealants to help prevent caries.

Fluoride and sealants are often covered by dental insurance since they can reduce future restorative expenses. The ADA recommends a 2.26 percent fluoride varnish for patients at risk of developing dental caries. Code fluoride varnish to D1206 for these patients.

The ADA recommends placing sealants in pits and fissures of children’s primary teeth and on pits and fissures of children’s and adolescents’ permanent teeth when it is determined that the tooth, or the patient, is at risk of developing caries. Code sealants to D1351, if strictly used for prevention, and no active decay is present.

For help updating your hygiene protocols to incorporate caries risk assessment and preventive treatments, talk to your Henry Schein representative or request a free consultation with The Team Training Institute.

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