News from the 2015 American Academy for Oral Systemic Health Meeting: Part 3 – Inflammatory Burden

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firefighters-664997_1280Controlling the Inflammatory Burden thru Oral Health

Dr. Doug Thompson spoke about the how skeptical patients can be about the need for oral care, especially related to periodontal disease, despite the fact that periodontal disease is the most common chronic infection worldwide. He recommended using a risk based analysis to guide all treatment recommendations. This builds patient trust and increases treatment acceptance.

“Give patients everything they need, and not one thing more.
Evaluate individual patient needs; don’t treat to the patient’s
level of insurance coverage.”
-Dr. Doug Thompson

Based on a 2012 article Low-Cost Periodontal Therapy, Dr. Thompson uses the following disinfection protocol for effective periodontal therapy. This therapy is based on the composition of pathogenic microbes (determined thru salivary testing) and incorporates both mechanical and chemical antimicrobial intervention.

1. Scaling and Root Planing to mechanically disrupt pathogens

2. Irrigation of the pocket and time-released antibiotic – chemical disruption

3. Reduce bacteria load thru-out the mouth with a rinse

4. Depending on the pathogen report, address bacteria in the bloodstream with a systemic antibiotic

5. Home care adjuncts (waterpik, etc.)

“The solution to every problem is an increase in precision.” Dr. Jeff Gladden, cardiologist

Using tools like salivary diagnostics to increase your treatment precision will improve your results, reduce inflammation, and improve patient health.

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