Think like a Patient, not like a Dentist

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category Periodontal Management, Total Health

When you go to the doctor, do you want to get half a check-up, or a complete check-up? Do you want only the good news, or the whole picture of what’s going on in your body?

It probably comes as no surprise that your patients want the whole story from you too. Is that what they’re getting? Are patients with periodontal disease advised about their risk of diabetes? Do patients know there’s a common sexually transmitted disease that increases their risk of oral cancer?

After attending a recent oral systemic course, I personally am now looking for a new dentist. My current dentist, although well-qualified, does not use an advanced oral cancer detection device or salivary diagnostics. Before learning the latest science that connects the mouth and the body, these things were of little concern to me as a relatively healthy, low-risk patient. However, now that I know the facts, I will not be taking any chances with either my oral or overall health and am looking for a dentist who uses quantitative, objective testing to provide me a complete picture of my health.

With oral systemic information in the main stream media every day, how long will it be before more patients have the same reaction, driving demand for dental offices that have implemented these types of services and can explain their benefits in language patients can understand? Make sure your patients are getting their oral health information from the expert – you – and you’re providing the services you’d want to receive as a patient.

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