How much should you pay for dental consulting?

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What costs more: practice management consulting or a new car? That depends on the consultant and whether your taste in cars is more Tesla or Toyota. Chances are they’re in roughly the same ballpark. While it might seem crazy to spend your new car fund on something as intangible as consulting services, there’s very little chance a new car is going to make you money, unless you’re an Uber driver. On the other hand, a good practice management consultant will design and implement a coaching plan to grow your practice production. The key is finding the consultant that fits the needs of your practice, to maximize your return on investment.

Any major purchase process starts the same way, by establishing what you want the purchase to accomplish. If you’re buying a car, do you want to efficiently commute to work every day? Or do you want to enjoy leisurely drives and envious looks. Selecting a consultant requires the same analysis. Do you want to work more efficiently? Attract more new patients? Prepare your practice for a successful transition? The consultant you choose to work with should have a skill set that closely aligns with your individual practice needs. You don’t want to end up commuting in a Hummer. Read articles (and social media posts) written by consultants, check their references, ask colleagues for referrals, and talk to your local dental professionals.

The next step is the test drive. Schedule calls with each of the consultants who made your short list. Most will provide an initial consultation at no charge. Use this time to outline your current practice status and share your goals. The consultant can share their approach for your situation and you can determine if there’s a fit. Although the selection process rests in the hands of the dentist, remember that this is a decision that will significantly impact your team. Consider including the office manager or key staff members in your process.

Consulting is an investment in the long-term success of your practice, but it does not have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about cost-effective coaching from 360 Practice Development.

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