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4 Reasons to Talk to Your Patients about Tobacco Use

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category Periodontal Management, Total Health

Smokers, raise your hands. Wait, no one is willing to admit to smoking? According to the CDC, an estimated 45.3 million people, or 19.3% of all adults (aged 18 years or older), in the United States smoke cigarettes. And I’m … Continue reading

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Lacrosse, Mouthguards, and Concussions – Which one of these does not belong?

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category Safety

I spent most of last weekend watching my son, Cole, play in a lacrosse tournament at Notre Dame.  As I watched the 15 year-olds crash, fall, smack and bump into each other, I was reminded of a recent report I … Continue reading

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