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Will I lose patients if I drop a PPO plan?

Posted on by HS We Do That | Category Coding and Insurance

While many dentists are extremely frustrated with the low reimbursements they receive from Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), they are reluctant to drop a PPO plan for fear of losing current patients who are covered by the plan. While there is … Continue reading

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3 Questions to Check Your Dental Coding Skills

Posted on by Jen McGuire | Category Coding and Insurance

Coding correctly is critical for maximizing reimbursement, increasing cash flow, and minimizing any coding errors that could result in fines or worse. We consistently find $20,000 to $30,000 in coding errors during our practice analysis process. Test your coding knowledge … Continue reading

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Examining Insurance Part 2: Who Should Stay and Who Should Go

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category Marketing, Practice Analysis

PPOs often have a much bigger impact on practice profitability than the dentist and office manager realize. When the numbers are examined, some plans may completely eliminate the profitability of some procedures. If you’re struggling to remain profitable in an … Continue reading

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Fees: How do yours stack up?

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category Practice Analysis

Fees are the number one determining factor for the profitability of a dental practice, yet how many offices apply a deliberate strategy when setting or raising fees? In my experience speaking to countless dentists over the years, it isn’t many. … Continue reading

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