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Examining Insurance Part 1: Are PPOs cutting your profits in half?

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category Marketing, Practice Analysis

Did you know that taking a 20% PPO write-off on a $200 procedure with a 60% overhead cuts practice profits in half? By participating in PPO plans, you agree to take a certain discount on fees. However, your fixed overhead … Continue reading

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Maximize Same-Day Preventative Services

Posted on by HS We Do That | Category Recare, Total Health

Wendy Briggs, RDH – Team Training Institute One of the easiest ways to increase profitability is to focus on same day preventative services. Patients want to protect their teeth, and they want it done today!  The key is to present … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas is 5%+ Growth in Production

Posted on by Jim Philhower | Category Practice Analysis

According to the Levin Group Data Center, in 2009, dental practice production declined 11.6 %, and in 2010 it declined another 6.4%. That means the average dental practice’s production is down more than 15% over the last 2 years! Even … Continue reading

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