Top Human Resources Mistakes: #3 Careless Use of E-mail and the Internet

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By Rebecca Boartfield and Tim Twigg

Employees are computer savvy these days, perhaps even more so than you. Employees use Facebook, web blogs, e-mail, and a variety of other internet sites to communicate with people around the world. While most employees will exercise good judgment when using the employer-provided computers, some will not.

It is for these individuals that the practice needs to write a specific policy on computer usage. Use of the company computers should be kept to business purposes only. However, even in business-related aspects the employee can still make a costly mistake by violating HIPAA regulations. Therefore, ensuring employees are adequately trained in HIPAA rules is also critical.

Employers need to outline their right to monitor and access all computer usage by all employees in the policy as well. If employees are caught misusing computers as determined by the computer usage policy, they should be disciplined as deemed appropriate.

Another aspect to computer usage that employers often neglect to take into account is their own use and communication. Anything you write can be printed, forwarded or otherwise circulated to others in or out of the practice. Consequently, what you choose to use the computer for in terms of communication needs to be handled with great care and consideration.

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